College Transport

College Transport

The college provides transport facility to the students on parents demand at a very reasonable fare. The college has its own bus for this purpose which ensures the students’ arrival and departure in-time. The college bus has a route on which it daily picks the students and drops after pickup time. The bus fare is very reasonable and is submitted along with the fee bill each month.

Bus Fare

College Bus fare is charged at the following list according to the distance of each stop. Bus fare in to be added in monthly fee bill and not collected in cash at the office.

S.No Stop / Location Fare (Both Pick & Drop)
 01  R.A Bazar  2000/-
 02  Nishat Colony 2500/-
 03  Ali Park/ Nadirabad/ Ali View Garden  2800/-
 04  Bhatta Chowk/ Gulshan Ali Colony  3000/-
 05  Askari-X  4300/-
 06  Jouray Pull  3300/-
 07  PAF Colony/ Askari-IX  3000/-
 08  Saddar  2600/-

Bus Arrival Timing

College Bus arrival timings are as follows:-

S.No Stop / Location Estimated Arrival Time
 01  R.A Bazar 06:45 am
 02  Nishat Colony 06:50 am
 03  Gourmet / Nadirabad 06:55 am
 04  Bhatta Chowk 07:05 am
 05  Gulshan Colony / Honda Show Room 07:10 am
 06  Askari X 07:15 am
 07  Juray Pull 07:25 am
 08  Saddar 07: 35 am
 09  College 07: 55 am

Note. Students are informed to reach their selected pick point/ location at least 10 minutes prior to the arrival of the college bus.