General Rules


These General rules are applied to all students of Fazaia College of Education for Women and should be obeyed by all students, by all means. Anyone found violating these rules will face disciplinary action.

Students must attend 95% of the lectures delivered in each of the respective subjects, failing which their admission forms will not be sent to the university.

  • Regular attendance in assembly, classrooms, sports, Library and college function is compulsory.
  • Attendance in “Skill in practical Teaching” is compulsory. Names of the defaulters will not be placed in the subsequent schedule of teaching practice and ultimately university registration will be withheld.
  • Leave of absence from classes will only be granted in exceptional cases and on extreme compassionate grounds. All applications will be addressed to the principal.
  • The name of a student who remains absent without leave for more than three days will be struck off the college roll.
  • Every student is required to appear in monthly tests, terminal tests, and all other house examinations.
  • A student found using unfair-means in test/examination will be disqualified for three years.
  • Pass marks for each examination are 50%. Prizes for standing first in course will be given at the end of the session. Progress and discipline reports will be sent to parents for their information.
  • Parents are expected to inform the college about any change in their postal address and telephone number.
  • Monthly Fee must be paid on the 5th of each month. The fee will be paid through Habib Bank Limited PAF Market Branch, Sarfraz Rafiqui Road Lahore Cantt.
  • Students are to collect their fee bills by the 1st of each month from college Account.
  • No Visitor is allowed to see a student during college hours. In case of an emergency, the parents will come to the reception and request for leave in person to the principal or Admin Officer. Students will be contacted through their respective Sections In-Charge for formal leave procedure. In case a student falls sick during college hours, she will be immediately rushed to the PAF Hospital and parents will be informed accordingly.
  • Students will not be allowed to accept employment or obtain admission in any other college/university during the academic year.
  • Students may use the facility of the college Cafeteria on payment during the break.
  • Students are not allowed to use college telephone, however, their messages will be conveyed in case of emergency through PA to Principal.
  • All decisions made by the Principal in any matter would be final.
  • Any student who willfully violates any of the college regulations or whose conduct is considered detrimental to the reputation of the college will be subjected to expulsion/rustication, suspension or any other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.
  • Students will not be allowed to contract marriages during the academic year. Already married will not be granted maternity leave.
  • Each student would be required to keep a notebook available at college bookshop for keeping a record of the books/magazines she reads during the academic year.

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