Bachelor of Education (Hons)


Fazaia College of Education for Women offers B.Ed Hons, a 4 years programme with a minimum of 144 credit hours. The programme is divided into 8 semesters.


The Intermediate (Part I and II) examination of any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan. Applicants must have scored 50% or more marks.


An examination equivalent to Intermediate. Such candidates are required to submit an Equivalence Certificate issued by the Inter Board Chairman Committee, Islamabad before the semester starts. This certificate must indicate the marks equivalent to marks in the Intermediate examination.


The GCE ‘A’ level examination with three subjects. Such candidates are required to submit an Equivalence Certificate issued by the Inter Board Chairman Committee, Islamabad before the semester starts. This certificate must indicate the marks equivalent to marks in the Intermediate examination.

Applicants awaiting results may be given provisional admission until the declaration of their respective results. Only those scoring 50% or more marks shall be considered. Those scoring less than 50% marks shall have their provisional admissions canceled and shall be withdrawn from their respective programs.

Applicants scoring minimum passing marks in the Intermediate or in GCE ‘A’ level or in any other examination equivalent to the intermediate are eligible for admission. Those getting partial pass results due to any reason, or who are required to appear in compartment/supplementary paper(s), are not eligible for admission even if their aggregate marks are 50% or more in their respective examination.

The absolute value of percentage is considered as final; it is not rounded off to the next whole number, e.g., 49.9% is considered 49.9% and NOT 50%.


  • 03 recent passport size photgraphs (01 front attested, 02 back attested
  • 02 attested photocopies of SSC,HSSC mark sheets
  • 02 attested photocopies of character certificate
  • In case of discontinueation  in studies, Gap Certificate
  • Category Form (In case of defense ward, duely signed from parents’ office)
  • 01 attested photocopy of National Identity Card/ B form
  • 01 attested photocopy of father’s National Identity Card
  • Original and one photocopy of NOC/ Migration Certificate (if applicable)



All bachelor programmes offered at Fazaia College of Education for Women are affiliated with Air University Islamabad.


144 credits to be completed in 4 years or 8 semesters.

  • Minimum 04 years
  • Maximum 06 years


S.No Fee Head Fee
Defense Civilian
1 Admission Fee 2500 4500
2 Registration Fee 1500 2000
3 Tuition Fee (Monthly) 4000 5000
4 Security (Refundable) 8000 10000
5 Board/ Univesity Fee 2500 2500
6 Computer Charges (01 Time) 2000 3000
7 Allied Charges 1500 1500
8 Lab Charges 200 200
Total 22200 27300



Code Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
HUM-111 English-I 3
HUM-116 Islamic Studies/ Ethics 2
GEN-15A Child Development 3
HUM-112 Urdu/ Regional Language 3
BSC-13A General Science 3
EDU-14A Philosophy of Education 3
Total Credit Hours: 17


Code Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
HUM-112 English-II 3
BSC-13C Computer Literacy 3
EDU-14E Classroom Management 3
BSC-13B General Mathematics 3
PDH-12D Teaching Literacy Skills 3
PDH-12E Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies HUM-116 3
Total Credit Hours: 17


 Code Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
 HUM-211 English-III 3
HUM-216 Pakistan Studies 2
PDH-22A Teaching of Urdu/ Regional Languages HUM-112 3
GEN-25C Art, Crafts, and Calligraphy 3
PDS-22B Teaching of General Science BSC-13A 3
BSC-23D Instructional and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education BSC-13C 3
PDG-22C Teaching Practice Development Experience 3
 Total Credit Hours: 20


 Code Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
EDU-24H Classroom Assessment 3
PDH-22B Teaching of English 3
PDS-22A Teaching of Mathematics BSC-13B 3
EDU-24F  School,Community, and Teacher 3
PDS-22C Teaching of Social Studies HUM-216 2
PDG-22E Teaching Practice Professional Experience PDG-22C 3
 Total Credit Hours: 17


 Code Title       Prerequisite Credit Hours
 PDG-32D  Professionalism in Teaching 3
 EDU-34B  Educational Psychology 3
 EDU-34K  Curriculum Development 3
 EDU-31A  Academic Content Course-I(Selected Disciplines-I-List-A) 3
 EDU-31B  Academic Content Course-I(Selected Disciplines-II-List-A)  – 3
 EDU-31O  Academic Content Optional Selected Disciplines-List-B) 3
 Total Credit Hours: 18


 Code Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
 EDU-34C Contemporary issues and trends in Education 3
EDU-32A Academic Content Course-II(Selected Disciplines-I-List-A) EDU-31A 3
EDU-32B Academic Content Course-II(Selected Disciplines-II-List-A) EDU-31B 3
PDG-32A Pedagogy-I (Methods of teaching related to selected discipline) 3
PDG-32B Pedagogy-II (Methods of teaching related to selected discipline) 3
EDU-34D Comparative Education 3
Total Credit Hours: 18 


 Code Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
GEN-45B Introduction to Guidance and Counseling 3
EDU-43A Academic Content Course-III(Selected Disciplines-I-List-A) EDU-32A 3
EDU-43B Academic Content Course-III(Selected Disciplines-II-List-A) EDU-32B 3
EDU-49A Research Methods in Education 3
EDU-44J Test Development and Evaluation 3
PDG-42F Teaching Practice Professional Experience PDG-22E 3
 Total Credit Hours: 18


 Code Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
EDU-44G School Leadership and Management 3
EDU-44A Academic Content Course-IV(Selected Disciplines-I-List-A) EDU-43A 3
EDU-44B Academic Content Course-IV(Selected Disciplines-II-List-A) EDU-43B 3
RSM-49B Research Project RSM-49A 3
PDG-42G Teaching Practice Professional Experience PDG-42F 6
Total Credit Hours: 18