Faculty Members

Principal: Dr.Itrat Irfan ( Ph.D. Education)

Vice Principal: Shazia Muquddar (MS Management Sciences (HRM))

The importance of faculty in an educational organization can’t be ignored. In fact the reputation and value of the educational organization is directly dependent on the qualifications of the faculty. In this regard, Fazaia College of Education always hires well-qualified and experienced faculty to impart quality education to their students. Here is the current updated list of Fazaia College of Education for Women teaching faculty members.

 S.No Names   Qualification
1  Dr. Awais Sattar Ph.D Computer Science
2  Syeda Mehr-un-Nisa  MA English (Literature Linguistics) Dip TEFL, B.Ed
3  Maria Arafat  MA Education, PGD (IT) M.Phil Sociology, B.Ed, M.Phil ELM
4  Arfa Amer  MA English, Dip MMT, B.Ed
5  Shazia Yousaf  MS Computer Science, B.Ed
6  Farzana Iqbal  MA Education, MA Pol.Sci
7  Mehak Sohail  M.Phil Mathematics
8  Rafeea Anwar  M.Phil in Islamic Studies, B.Ed
9  Maryam Siddique  M.Phil HRM
10  Wuzna Haroon  MSc. Statistics, B.Ed, MMT
11  Farah Deeba  M.COM Accounting, Finance
12  Saima Imran  MA Political Science
13  Shazia Shehzadi  M.A Urdu/ B.Ed
14  Mr.Atif Iqbal  MS-HR (Human Resource)
15  Zain Sarmad  M.Phil Chemistry
16  Samara Majeed  M.Phil Sociology
17  Naayema Faheem  M.Phil ELT
18  Nusrat Altaf  B.Ed, M.Phil (Zoology)
19  Amna Imran  MS Botany
20 Iqra Tariq  M.Phil Applied Psychology
21 Saba Saif  M.Phil English
22  Farwa Shafqat  M.Phil Urdu
23  Amina Saleem  M.Phil Mathematics
24  Aneeqa Faraz  BS (Hons) Economics
25  Afshan Zakia  M.A Political Science
26  Maria Kokab  M.Phil Zoology
27  Maheen Idrees  M.Phil Physics
28  Hina Shaheen  M.Phil Business Administration
29  Sana Nouman  M.Phil Clinical Psychology
30  Komal Saeed  M.Phil Physics
31  Hunza Asad  M.Phil Mathematics
32  Sidra Syed  M.Phil Mathematics

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