Principal Message


Principal FCOE

I extend a very warm welcome to all the readers especially parents and students, as we open our doors for the new admissions. The inspirational motto of the college which is ” I shall build ” directs all the members towards sincerity, loyalty, and courage.
The college is committed to impart quality education to the females as they are the significant pillars of our society. Through highly conducive learning and teaching environment, we induce and inculcate high moral values, sense of civic responsibility and inquisitiveness amongst our students.
Confirming the vision we are devoted to persuading motivation in our students so they can perform proficiently and steer their way through the challenges of life.
The college infrastructure is continuously being improved. The science labs and the computer lab have been upgraded to keep students abreast of the latest and modern educational facilities. Looking forward to seeing you at Fazaia College of Education for Women, Lahore.

Regards and Prayers.
Itrat Irfan